Accelerate your business and
increase its impact in the world

Acceleration program

Tangle LAB offers a 2-year High Touch and a 1-year Low Touch ACCELERATION programs that leads your business from Seed (MVP) to Series A+ (Growth).

You can register at any moment.


Acceleration benefits

Get Customers, Capital and Coaching

Disrupt your market using
the Mind and the Heart

Increase your odds of success through the
leverage of a synergistic network

What Tanglers say

Acceleration format

High Touch


1-1 Mentoring

Sales, Marketing, and Product Strategy + Actions Ongoing monitoring Synergy facilitation


Virtual Cohort Meeting

Sales, Marketing and
Product Synergy


4 days LABS

Disruptive Innovation
Business Transformation
Acceleration through Synergy

Low Touch

Sales, Marketing, and
Product Strategy
Ongoing monitoring
Synergy facilitation

Sales, Marketing and
Product Synergy

Disruptive Innovation
Business Transformation
Acceleration through Synergy

Acceleration content


  • - Mission
  • - Vision
  • - Value Proposition
  • - Business Model


  • - Market analysis
  • - Market fit
  • - Go to Market Strategy
  • - Ongoing Monitoring


  • - Ongoing Monitoring
  • - Capital raising


  • - Sales Process
  • - Sales Actions + Synergy
  • - Ongoing Monitoring
  • - Strategy


  • - MVP
  • - Ongoing Monitoring (engagement, monetization)

Acceleration Team

Business Leads and Mentors

Eric Gauthier

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach.

David Hofstatter

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor.

Adrian Larralde

Healthcare Entrepreneur, Investor.

2-4 day TANGLE LAB Coaches

Solomon Krueger


Mélanie Champagne


Tangle lab philosophy

We believe that innovation requires self-innovation

To evolve personally and collectively in synch with your business is essential to understanding your customer and becoming more innovative.

Helping the world become a better place is now a significant part of a successful business. Consumers are demanding responsible brands which is directly linked to profitability. Striving to do so, changes your worldview and provides creativity and a competitive advantage.

Heart, Mind and Tribe are core pillars for a better world.

Heart makes you feel your customer, simplify
complexity and deliver real value.

Mind makes you push back conventions and imagine
new paradigms.

Tribe makes your vision real and accelerates its

Accelerate your Business and make the difference you live for