Innovation requires self-innovation

Innovation requires self-innovation

Innovation requires self-innovation


Attempting to create a new reality, a new paradigm, while bound to our current one sets the stage for the Innovator’s Paradox. But before we can move forward in understanding this, we need to first understand that

true Innovation is the ability to disrupt the current way of thinking to enable a new and profound way to emerge.

But for that to happen, the creator needs will and courage to change him or herself in relationship with what he/she wishes to change in the world. Changing reality without changing oneself simply does not work. How could it? How could we build a new world and convince others of that, if we have not done the necessary work to our selves?

True Innovation is not about the end result (the product being built), but about the process. It’s about the transformation of the relationship between the parts that constitute the New Paradigm being born : the Creator (Innovator), the Creation (Disruptive Project), and the Community (Market that requires the Innovation).

The transformation of this relationship is what enables a deeply disruptive and innovative reality to emerge, each part supporting the other in the dynamic establishment of a new equilibrium.

What is beautiful and empowering for true innovation to become possible is that the Creator needs to have paradoxes. The saying, “We teach what we need to learn”, is a token to that. The best way to support a transforming market is to know the struggles and challenges deep within ourselves. As we are being transformed, we have a greater possibility of understanding this, and have the adequate empathy to relate and recognize what’s needed.


To solve the Innovator’s Paradox we need to embrace the challenges we seek to transform as self-guidance for our own transformation. This creates the necessary humility and inner-space for intuition to flow and true innovation to be born. This is the path to building a new paradigm.

Innovation requires self-innovation